Subcutaneous foot massage with metatarsal and its benefits

ماساژ کف پا به روش متاتارسال

Foot massage is one of the most popular types of massage in the whole world. Like other types of massage, this type of massage has many benefits for the body, and the main advantage is that you will feel these benefits very soon in your body. In this article, we are going to introduce the type of massage called metatarsal massage and its benefits to the body. Be with us

                                                                   Massage of the feet in the metatarsal method

ماساژ کف پا به روش متاتارسال


Before addressing the main subject, we need to state that the name of this type of massage, namely metatarsal massage, is derived from the word METATARSUS meaning “foot sole”. The inventor of this massage therapy model is Chino Toru. He believes that many of the Mojo’s problems in the legs can be eliminated with this 3-minute massage and restore comfort to them. Foot massage of the metatarsal can be done at home on a daily basis and the time required for it is 3 minutes.

Chino Tuor has many specialties, including

  • Physician for judo
  • Dentistry
  • Food supplements consultant

In the following, we will give you a full description of the benefits of mastarachal foot massage.

                                                                               Benefits of Foot Massage

فواید ماساژ کف پا


If you do this daily massage at your home or office, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • The lateral arc of the foot improves and returns to normal. This makes it even better to split forces and make it easier to transfer power.
  • The internal muscle relaxes the body, and it eliminates fatigue and bruising.
  • Remedies and treat people with flat feet or people who have a thumb-foot.
  • And…

Of course, this is just the benefits of foot massage. This type of massage also brings all the benefits of the foot.

                                              The amazing effects of metatarsal massage, according to Dr. Chino Turou

ماساژ کف پا به روش متاتارسال


Dr. Chino Tuoro says this about this massage (Mettarasal):

Over the years, I have been examining a lot of people who have had a flat foot or a thumb-in. The result of this research was that I had to restore the arch of the legs to its original state, with the help of massage and strengthening of the leg muscles. This method is a surprise to many of my patients, but after seeing the effects, they surprised them. I myself was also surprised by the results of this work and encouraged to study more and more about anatomy. The results of these experiments showed me that the sole of the foot is attached to all muscles of the body, which is why massage of the foot is the most sensual massage for the body. Metatarsale was a massive name I developed after these scum.

This type of massage is known as a massage of the soles of the foot, which can remove all fatigue within 3 minutes. Perhaps this is not understandable to you, but many athletes and runners use this technique to relieve fatigue. Dr Chino Tourou says that it is very pleasing that people can resolve all body fatigue within 3 minutes. Here’s more about the mechanism of metatarsal massage

Massage function of metatarsal palatal

The main cause of the early fatigue of the legs is the lack of proper arch and standard in it. If you want your feet to be tired early, you should standardize your arches. In the picture below, you will see two types of legs, one of which has a right arc and one does not have an appropriate arc. See their differences.

In the left-hand shape of the foot there is a good arc, which also causes the uniform absorption and dispersion of the force in the entire leg, and the transfer of force is also easier. The legs are less tired in this form.

In the right shape, as you can see, the arc is not correct and the foot has a smooth surface. This causes the impact to go straight from the bottom. This can cause swelling, coldness and other bad conditions.

ماساژ کف پا


Our legs are one of the most important organs in the body and affect the other organs, such as the knees and the pelvis, directly. The smoothness of the soles of the foot can damage these two organs of the body. The other is the flexibility of the arch itself when it comes to exercising and doing heavy work for the yard. If the arc does not have the necessary flexion, more pressure will be applied to the legs. This flexibility can be returned to the arch of the foot massage feet and you will be insured against risks.

All these statements confirm the importance of massaging the legs, especially the floor, and express their benefits. For this reason, it is always recommended that massage should be done by trained people

                                                                                            Foot massager

فواید ماساژ کف پا


If you want to massage your feet or legs at home with a relaxed imagination, it’s best to use foot massages at a very low cost. These devices are made in the world today and do not include the dangers of traditional massage. If you are afraid of buying such devices, then we should not worry. If you think a bit and consider the cost of traditional massage over a long period of time, you will also find that buying a foot massager is much more expensive than using traditional methods.

If you want to buy foot massager or other massager devices, it’s best to contact Rotai consultants before purchasing the best and most suitable device. Rotai Corporation, one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the field of selling massagers, will help you to make a good purchase.


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