Rotai brand products are made by China.

The after-sales service department of Rest Service serves as a back-up service for after-sales services of Rotai branded products, always supporting and responding to well-respected customers, and it is proud that it has the sole holder of the Consumer Protection Organization certificate in the post-service discussion. He is a salesman in the field of massage products and has earned a second place in providing after-sales services in the country.

Due to an efficient representation network in Tehran and representative cities, you will receive rota products within 24 hours; in non-representative cities, you can have your massage chair in your home for 72 hours.

In addition to 2 years of warranty and 10 years after service, RestService has two years of insurance policy.

Carriage, installation and training of massage chairs throughout Iran are carried out by experienced experts and will be available for free in Iran for the first time.