Introducing various types of handheld and portable massagers

معرفی انواع ماساژور دستی و پرتابل

If you want a healthy body and you have to be energetic every day, you should devote special time to your body every day, as you spend for your entertainment and work. Certainly, one of the best things to do to relieve tiredness after a busy day is massage. Hand-held and portable hand held massages are designed and manufactured. You can use your hands to massage your face, neck and legs, but there are tools that make it easy for you, as well as respect for certain principles and specialties, the amount of impact they also increase it. Massage machines can massage your body without any damage, and in addition to fatigue, you can also benefit from a variety of benefits for your body.

                                                                      Hand-held and portable massager types

Massage machines have different types. The most complete model of this device is the massaging chairs, which are naturally high. There are also massages that are smaller and cost less. Such devices are handheld portable massagers. In this article, we are going to introduce a variety of handheld and portable massagers. Of course, the number of handheld massagers is huge, but we will introduce you the most functional and most popular ones.

Powerful handheld massagers

ماساژورهای دستی انرژی بخش

This type of hand massage is a powerful expression for massaging the various parts of the body and its function is hammered. These types of massagers work at different speeds and have the ability to heat. Stay friends with these massagers, stretch your tired muscles and enjoy energy blows.

Foot massagers

These types of massagers are made to massage the legs and can return feelings of comfort to the legs. Human legs suffer the most during the day, so you should pay more attention to their health. There are various models of this type of massager, each with a different function. We will introduce one of the most complete types.

ماساژورهای مخصوص پا

This model has a massager for massage, and has 12 airbags in the leg, knee and shoulders. The massive wave that these air bags build up in the leg raise blood circulation to the legs. You can sit on the chair and put your legs in it so that the machine starts to massage your legs. This massager also has the angle adjustment, and you can adjust it according to the type and height of the sofa. This model is one of a kind of handheld portable massager that you can use at work and at home. Call the rotai to buy this massager

Pillow massage

ماساژورهای بالشی

This model is designed to massage the back of the head and neck, which is similar to the pillow. The waves and vibrations that this massager creates makes your neck and shoulders soft. It also brings a feeling of comfort with the heat.

Of course, you can also use massage pillows to massage your thighs. Place this massager under your thigh to get started and remove your muscles from stiffness. The advantage of this device is that it occupies a small amount of space and is very light and you can carry it with you and use it wherever it is needed.

Head Massagers

Massage of the head causes the loss of a variety of diseases, such as headaches, as well as increased circulation. This simple device, the head massager, is used to relieve headaches and calm the mind. Look at one of the examples of this massager model.

ماساژورهای سر

This sample has very flexible sticks that are sticky and easy to move between your hair. Be sure to use this type of massager once.

Masseurs for the back

One of the types of handheld and portable massagers is the massive back massage. This type of massager is designed to massage away points in the body and massage the pressure in these places.

معرفی انواع ماساژورهای دستی

See a sample of these massagers in the above image, which is designed in a curved design. This massager also allows you to massage the areas of the waist that do not touch your hands. Its size is very small and easily portable.

With a wide variety of hand-held and portable massagers in general. The positive feature of this kind of massagers is the portability and low cost of their purchase. If you go for work or even leisure, you can take this type of massager too. But you should also know that none of them is complete and designed only for a specific part of the body. If you want to massage your body all the time together and take advantage of all of these devices in one go, it’s best to buy full body chairs.

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