Massages to relieve headaches

ماساژ برای سردرد

Millions of people all over the world suffer from a variety of headaches, and this is an excuse to waste a lot of time every day and work. In this article, you will read three massage treatments for treating headaches that can be used to treat and relieve headaches; along with a routine…

Massages to relieve headaches

ماساژ برای سردرد

Usually headaches are divided into three categories: tension headaches, migraine headaches, and cluster headaches. Tension headaches are usually caused by muscle and physical problems. These headaches can also be caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression or excessive light and noise. Migraine headaches are usually not worse than tension headaches for pain. The pain of this problem is usually created on one side of the head, which worsens when you move, talk and cough, and cripples the headache. Cluster headaches commonly referred to as headaches and usually occur after waking up, which are initially less intense and more severe with time and no treatment.

Regardless of the type of headache, its occurrence always causes the person to feel annoyed and cripples him. There are points on the head, neck and back and the eyes that massage those points, so relieving your current headache. In this article, we will introduce three massage services for your headache, which will be the fastest and most effective way to relieve headaches.

Massage of trapezius muscles

First, find your muscular muscles. You have two trapezius muscles that are on both side of your spine and drawn in the form of a triangle above the neck and shoulder to the middle of the back. The trapezius muscle consists of three parts, the upper part of the muscle, the middle and lower parts. You can relieve your headache by massaging this muscle. This massage has 2 stretches for the headache.

ماساژ عضلات تراپزی (ذوزنقه‌ای)

To start and do this massage, first lay on your waist and put a tennis ball under your back in accordance with the shape and collect your knees. The ball should be about 1 inch from your spine. Then, like the picture, you should move your balls up and down the back of your spine. Lay on the tennis ball for eight to 60 seconds and then move it down. Lower the ball almost to the bottom of your upper pelvis. After doing the work on one side of the spine, repeat this on the other side

ماساژ عضلات تراپزی (ذوزنقه‌ای)

You can also use the scratch method to massage the trapezius muscles. To do this, first place your elbow and arm on a counter or table as a support. Then use the opposite arm to pinch the neck and shoulder between the tracheal muscles. Wait eight to sixty seconds and then do it for the other side. Be careful not to drop your fingers at your shoulder and just touch your own muscle.

ماساژ برای درمان سردرد

Stretching the muscles behind the neck

The second massage for the headache is done by stretching and massage the back of the neck muscles. There are at least six special muscles in the back of your neck located between the base of the skull above your shoulder. Tension in this particular area of the body is likely to be responsible for many headaches. Get rid of headaches due to difficulty in this area by performing 3 tensile moves in the muscles of this area.

کشش ماهیچه‌های پشت گردن

The first movement is performed on the base muscle of the chest. To do this move, lay your back and put your hands behind you. Like the picture below, hold a pink ball or golf ball in the upper palm of your hand. Then place your hands so that the ball is next to the spine. Then turn your head to the left to move the golf ball. The hands must be constant. When you massage one side of your spine, move the golf ball to the other side and repeat the move to the other side of the spine and the muscles behind the neck.

کشش ماهیچه‌های پشت گردن

The second movement to pull the back muscles of the neck is so you can sit it up or even in the bathroom. To get started, sit flat and hold one hand behind you, pull your head slowly and pull it forward until you feel stretching. Then, pull your head in two directions individually. Continue teaching massage for a headache with a rotai

کشش ماهیچه‌های پشت گردن

You can even massage the back muscles of your neck while lying down. Lay back for that. Bend your elbow over your head and put your palm in the lower back of your spine. If you put your right hand over your head, while you look at the ceiling, pull your head to the right. Continue this until you feel stretch. Repeat this for the other side as well.

کشش ماهیچه‌های پشت گردن

Use reflexology to relieve headaches

Continuing reflexology massage for headache. Pressure Therapy, or reflexology, is one of the methods of headache massage used to treat many mental and physical illnesses in the world. This method can relieve headaches by pressing certain points on the foot of the foot. One of the best ways to relieve headaches caused by fatigue and daily activities is to use pressure therapy. Below are points of the foot that reflexology and pressure can be used to reduce headaches.

استفاده از رفلکسولوژی برای تسکین سردرد

Foot massage areas for types of headache relief

Headache due to anxiety and stress

To get rid of this headache, first take a hot shower. Then push the inner part of the big toe. Then press on the bottom of the thumb.

Headache due to sinusitis

One press for the removal of this headache, to the flesh of all the toes and the outer and inner parts of the thumb.

Headache due to pain on the eyes

To pinch this headache, press the second and third finger to the end of the thumb and second finger.

Headache due to pressure on the neck and shoulders

To release the type of headache, press the bottom of the small finger and the bottom of the thumb.

Massage is a miracle for the treatment of many diseases

Massage can be considered as a miracle and complement to the treatment of many diseases and problems in the body. So that by doing a few minutes of massage a person can have a healthier and more relaxed body that is needed to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. Give yourself a gift of health, wellness and cheerfulness by buying a massage chair and using it throughout the day to avoid psychological stress.

صندلی ماساژور روتای برای درمان سردرد

The rotai set helps you to have a better and more comfortable life by providing a variety of massager devices. To view the massages of the massager, see the products section on the rotai website.

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