4 ways to massage the face to the full beauty and health!

ماساژ اصولی صورت

Facial massage is essential for those who care about the beauty and youth of the skin. These people should also use a variety of facial massages to look after the skin, along with the use of a variety of beauty masks. In other words, they do not care about the flow of blood and oxygen as a factor! In this article, we plan to introduce 4 facial masking for your face.

ماساژ اصولی صورت

ماساژ اصولی صورت

Massage is a special form of touch that is specifically used to increase blood flow to the muscles, relieve pain and tension and remove toxins. If you have practiced yoga for a while, you’ve heard about the galvanic response of the skin. Massage stimulates this natural state.

Principally, facial massage has many benefits. Removing deep and deep wrinkles, removing drought-induced fatigue, or continuous use of cosmetics, skin irritation and irritation, and increased blood flow to the skin are the main benefits of facial skin massage. Facial massage is mainly used to rejuvenate and combat the skin aging process. However, keep in mind that people who have very sensitive skin or acne should avoid facial massage, or at least consult a dermatologist and dermatologist.

Preparing facial skin for massage

Before doing massage, you should prepare your face for massage. To do this, you should clean your face from cosmetics and creams of powders. After wiping off the cosmetics, rinse your face with warm water and dry it with a soft towel. Also, to perform facial massage techniques, in this article you should use some lubricant materials to prevent scratches and damage to the skin. To do this, you need a base oil or carrier first.

آماده سازی پوست صورت برای ماساژ

Essential oils for proper massage

Depending on the type of skin you have or what you want to get, base oils can be one of the following:

Apricot kernel oil: This oil is suitable for brightening and nourishing the dry skin of people over 35 years of age.


Grape seed oil: This is an oil that is non-greasy and a great option to prepare the skin for massage.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba is a golden and liquid wax, compatible with most skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil: This type of oil is an ideal food for dry and damaged skin. People who are prone to allergies should not use this oil.


After choosing the base oil, you need one or more essential oils. The best oils for massage are as follows:

Geraniya (Geranium): This oil makes the blood flow in the skin and moisturizes it and increases the production of new skin cells.


Grapefruit: Detoxify all skin types.

Lavender: This essential oil is suitable for acne and oily skin and is a good recommendation for sensitive skin.

Orange Blossom: This essential oil is an ideal diet for dry and damaged skin.

Rose: Rose oil, moisturizing and cooling for all skin types.

Tea tree: This cleansing and disinfecting oil is suitable for all skin types, especially dark and broken skin.

Use a teaspoon of base oil, such as apricot kernel, to cleanse the skin. Essential oil is not essential, but if you want to use it, you can add one or two essential oil drops.

Principal massage techniques

In the following, there are four basic principles of massage massage for the health and beauty of the skin.

Facial wrinkles with horizontal lines massage

Horizontal lines technique is used to eliminate skin wrinkles. This massage is done in 10 minutes and the massage is done in such a way that it starts from the lowest horizontal lines in the form and ends at the highest point. Horizontal massage should also have a slight upward gradient and, finally, completely oppose the gravity of the earth. To start from the spot between the eyebrows with two fingers, apply gentle pressure for 30 seconds. Then, massage the sides of the forehead horizontally in succession and one in between on the left and right hand. After each start and end, remove the tip of the fingers from the skin and place it again on the spot between the eyebrows. Use this procedure for lumbar lines, between the upper lip and the nose, around the chin and the cheek

رفع چروک صورت با ماساژ خطوط افقی

Tired skin refreshing with linear massage

Pressure and massive massage on the feet of traditional medicine is the best facial massage for skin rejuvenation. These lines are between the eyebrows, the crown, the middle, and the tail of the eyebrow, half a centimeter below the lower eyelid, the bone is just opposite the earrings and the upper eyelid. You can squeeze the spots for 30 seconds, then stretch upwards in vertical and horizontal lines.

Decompression of skin muscles with Japanese massage

This type of massage is considered as an antiemetic and rejuvenation of the skin muscles and is performed on the face and neck area. After smearing both hands with the combination of one of the oils listed, place them on the sides of the jaw. Then, with the middle finger, both areas touch the eyelids and move towards the cheeks and the proximity of the ears. Take 3 with this massage, and in the last move that your fingers are near the ear, move them down and touch the two vertical lines of the sides of the neck and continue until the bony cervix continues. In the next step, one should do the first move with both hands on one side of the face, and at the end, when both hands are on one side of the face, one of the hands moves to the ear and the other moves forward to the neck to stop near the cuckoo.

ماساژ اصولی صورت

Cleansing Puffy Facial Massage Spoons

A massage with a spoon or a German massage is an excellent suggestion for the removal of puffiness in various areas of the face. In addition to accelerating blood transfusion, this massage also improves skin complexion. In this type of massage, the spoon will be used. This spoon should be placed in cold water or warm towels. Use a cold spoon to start and then use a warm spoon to complete the massage at the next step. Spoons should touch and massage the vertical and horizontal lines of the face. This massage has a special period of 10 days. On the first day, take 1 minute and add 1 minute to the massage every day to reach 10 minutes on the 10th day. It is recommended that you do not use this type of massage for more than 10 minutes.

رفع پف آلودگی صورت با ماساژ قاشق

You have studied principles and massage for the beauty, health and skin rejuvenation. Massage can be considered as a miracle to help the health of the skin, along with the mask of beauty and beauty. In addition, there are many different types of massage that, in addition to the benefits of beauty, have different health benefits. So that by doing a few minutes of massage a person can have a healthier and more relaxed body that is needed to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. Provide health and wellness by viewing the rotai products on the website and buying and using it throughout the day.

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